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A Few Best Men on the red carpet in Rome!

I worked hard on Marcus’ assignment, but I didn’t end up using Nick as a subject. Instead I chose a stranger, someone I’m only starting to figure out, someone I’m a little scared of: me.

God I miss that look

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I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

Verse: Futureverse


Stephanie is mostly retired from every day heroing, only venturing out when a backup is necessary. She took over Thompkin’s clinic, still operating under the same rules set by her predecessor, taking in criminals and addicts, including the backdoor for vigilantes. She married Dmitri Quinzel in her twenties, has a lovely young daughter, Nadya, and continues to have teen heroes in and out of her guest room regularly. Lately she’s been keeping her eye on Glory, a Batgirl wannabe who Steph gave her Spoiler costume to.

This also ties in to the Stefaniya verse

Verse: Spoiled Big Apple


After Dr. Thomkins spirited away a “dead” Stephanie Brown to Africa, she stayed there another year until she was 18, then returned not to Gotham, but to start a new life in New York City. Leslie helped her find a tiny apartment and a job at a women’s clinic. It wasn’t long before the nights called to her once again, leading Stephanie back out to take up her Spoiler name in Hells Kitchen.
This is a young vigilante with something to prove, she fights harder with every hit a memory from her torture and each fight another girl staying safe at night. She still pulls her Spoiler gear, but has since lost the cape. Hood, mask, and belts are plenty.

This is my answer to having a Marvelverse for this account.

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THIS IS A SIDEBLOG TO innermonologueissues SO I’LL BE FOLLOWING FROM THERE AND NOT HERE. The account formerly known as stephwillspoilyou is now stephwillspoilyou-archive. I changed because honestly, I needed a little reorganization in my life.

Innermonologueissues is going to be one basic Batgirl verse. Stephwillspoilyou will be where I catch my AUs and whatnot.